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EV ND 408 dyn.

Designed specifically for horns, drums, acoustical and electric guitars, the N/D408 provides a smooth, natural sound, capturing the excitement of the instrument.The supercardioid pattern provides superior rejection and acoustic isolation in any application. An innovative EV design harnesses the increased power of a neodymium based magnet design, allowing a large-diameter voice coil (up to 50% larger than other mics) for dynamic, efficient microphone performance. N/DYM® offers the power and clarity to “cut through the mix”. Pivoting head ensures perfect placement to mic horns, drums, acoustic and electric guitar. Smooth and accurate response in the high SPL situations.

Transducer type - dynamic neodymium
Frequency range - 30 - 22,000Hz
Directional characteristic - supercardioid

Sensitivity at 1kHz - -51dB (0dN=1mW/10 dynes/cm²)

Open circuit voltage at 1kHz - 3.1mV/Pa @ 1kHz
Equivalent output noise - 14dB (0dB=0.0002 dynes/cm²)
Nominal output impedance - 150 Ohms
Load impedance - >1000 Ohms
Length x diameter - 142 x 20mm (body), 45mm
Weight - (head 190g)

The ND408a represents a radical departure from conventional designs. The unique pivoting yoke allows maximum flexibility in head positioning near a sound source. The use of neodymium magnet assembly provides 6dB more output sensitivity over conventional magnets. Suitable for drums, percussion, guitar/bass amps.

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